The V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Gereige.


Fr. Joseph was born and reared in an Orthodox Christian home in the quaint village of Tal Abbas Al- Gharbi, Akkar, Lebanon. His father, The V. Rev Fr. Khalil, is the priest of Tal Abbas' St Mary Church.

  • Studied At Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology, University of Balamand, Lebanon, where he received a Master's Degree of Theology-Pastoral Care, in 2007.
  • On August 17, 2003, Fr. Joseph and Diala Chahmini, (a former french teacher) were united in holy matrimony. Fr. Joseph and Kh. Diala are the proud parents of two boys: Nijad (14), and Roland (12).
  • Ordained to the Holy Diaconate September 8, 2003 at St. Mary Church, Tal Abbas Al-Gharby, Lebanon.
  • Ordained to the Holy Priesthood on July 19, 2005, at the same church in Tal Abbas.
  • Taught religion at the Orthodox National High School of Akkar, from 2003 - 2007.
  • Elevated to the rank and dignity of Archpriest on January 24, 2015, by His Grace Bishop Thomas Joseph.
The following is a chronology of Fr. Joseph's priesthood and pastoral service:
  • - 2005 - 2007: St Mary Church, Akkar, Lebanon.
  • - 2007 - 2010 : St. Ignatius Church, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
  • - 2010 - 2013 : Orthodox Archdiocese of Akkar, Cheikh Taba, Lebanon.
  • - 2013 - 2018 : St George Orthodox Church, Altoona, PA
  • - 2018 - Present : Forty Holy Martyrs Antiochian Church, Sugar Land, TX.