Catechumen Classes

The catechumen classes are times of instruction for those either desiring to be received into the Holy Orthodox Church, or those who wish to inquire into the teachings of the Orthodox Church. 

The term "catechumen" is the noun form of the Greek verb, "katekhesis" which means, to instruct by word of mouth; to instruct orally. Katekhesis is used often in the New Testament writings and is usually translated "instruction" in English Bibles. Thus, catechumens are those who desire to receive "instruction" in the faith. 

The classes are conducted in an informal setting and are typically led by the Parish Priest. 

Culmination of these classes leads one into being formally received into the church. However, those who wish to inquire only and receive information are welcome without obligation. 

Should you like additional information, email Fr. Joseph by clicking here or call the church office 281 240 4845.